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Suburbium Bardejov
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The most prominent site of Jewish heritage in Bardejov is a compound of Jewish institutional buildings that UNESCO has designated as a world cultural treasure due to “its cultural and historical significance“ illustrating a multi-national and multi-cultural society. The so-called area known as Jewish suburbia served the spiritual and communal needs of the once-vibrant Jewish community of Bardejov from the turn of 18th century until the early 1900s. After the collapse of the Bardejov Jewish community, the compound was transferred to the ownership of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Slovakia (CFJ). The area of Jewish suburbia is currently undergoing gradual restoration by its owner. The first stage of the restoration is devoted to the Old Synagogue which, for decades, was used for purposes contrary to the religious and cultural values of this unique monument.  Most of the funding comes from grants received from domestic or foreign sources. In close collaboration with the Civic Association Vita in Suburbium and with the support of the Bardejov Jewish Preservation Committee (USA) over the past few years, the synagogue, the compound and its vicinity have been undergoing a process of revitalization. Today, Jewish suburbia is among the most popular tourist destinations and increasingly provides a space that encourages the social and cultural appreciation of the local community and also welcomes visitors from around the world. The construction of the Bardejov Holocaust Memorial, adjacent to Jewish suburbia, has laid the ground work for comprehensive educational and training activities that will encourage local youth and the general public to learn about the town’s Jewish history, culture and heritage and provide an opportunity for serious reflection on the fate of Bardejov’s Jewish community.


The Jewish Suburbia is open over 2019 Bardejov Fair

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