Židovské suburbium Bardejov
Suburbium Bardejov
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Chevra Mishnayot Synagogue

Jewish study association Chevra Mishnayot, that made an effort to raise spiritual and moral life of Jewish citizens in Bardejov and its vicinity, completed construction of the synagogue on Stöcklova street in 1935. The building survives today, but in a completely altered shape. Originally, it was a single-story structure, with a street-facing eastern facade that reflected the interior spatial distribution. Four round-arched windows provided daylight for the prayer hall. The rounded window in the central bay stressed the presence of the the AronHaKodesh (the holy ark, the place where the Torah scrolls were kept) on the interior side of the wall. An entrance and possibly stairs to the women´s gallery were originally on the right portion of the building. A Hebrew dedication on the façade indicated the building´s construction year and the institution´s name. After the post-WWII period and the decline of Bardejov’s Jewish community, the building no longer served the religious needs of Bardejov’s Jews. It was eventually leased and, in 1956, sold to the municipality. Since then it has been heavily altered,and it is only possible to reconstruct it through the use of preserved historical photographs.

Address: Stöckelova 35, 085 01 Bardejov

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