Židovské suburbium Bardejov
Suburbium Bardejov
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The mission of the project „Bardejov suburbium – rescue, recovery and restoration of the Old Synagogue“ is to revive the unique compound of Jewish ritual buildings on Mlynská Street in Bardejov. Thanks to a costly reconstruction and restoration of the synagogue, a multipurpose representative space was created. The main hall of the building is to be the venue for exhibitions, concerts, conferences or lectures. The exhibition in the women’s gallery will draw closer to the history of the Jewish community in Bardejov. The courtyard of the synagogue offers further possibilities of use. The longterm priority is to connect all buildings on the compound, the open spaces and the Holocaust Memorial in one compact zone of World Cultural Heritage, which will serve the needs of Bardejov residents and contribute to the development of cultural tourism.

Within the project of the interior restoration, the following works were carried out:

  • stabilization of the socle parts of the inner plaster;
  • fixing and retouching the paintings on the ceiling;
  • restoration of the original doors including door frames, door handles and keys;
  • complete electrification, installation of new wooden floors and restoration of old ones;
  • creating an exhibition dedicated to the history of the Jewish community in Bardejov.

The following renovations were carried out on the exterior of the building:

  • construction of the external staircase replica and its sculpture decoration;
  • repairing the gutters and the crowning cornice;
  • restoration of the external façade and the original sundial;
  • construction of the original ritual slaughterhouse, including the sanitary facility and sewer connection;
  • surface treatment of the courtyard; building an enclosure and entrance gates to the Jewish Suburbium compound.


Project name: Suburbium of Bardejov – rescue, recovery and restoration of the Old Synagogue
Project promoter: Federation of Jewish Communities in Slovakia
Program code: SK05
Project number: CLT01001
Project duration: January 2015 – April 2017
Project cost: 764 357 EUR
Amount of subsidy: 649 703 EUR
Co-financing: 114 654 EUR

Team of the project promoter:
Mgr. Martin Kornfeld, project manager
Ing. Peter Schwarz, site inspector
Ing. Daniela Glöckner Švajdová, project accountat
Mgr. Peter Hudák, PhD., PR manager
Architect & project quarantor:
Dr. Ing. arch. Ján Krcho, PhD.
Conservation & restoration contractor of the Old Synagogue:
Restauro, s.r.o. [Tomáš Lupták, akad. sochár]
Principal restorers:
Mgr. Peter Gomboš, akad. maliar
Tomáš Lupták, akad. sochár
Restoration contractor of the defunct Slaughter house:
Pavličko, s.r.o. [Jozef Pavličko]
State monument inspection:
Regional Monuments Board  in Prešov [Ing. Peter Glos]
External financial management:
Baten & Partners Slovakia, s.r.o. [Ing. Michal Pálka]
Publicity contractor:
Ing. Pavol Hudák – turistika, informácie, služby [Ing. Pavol Hudák]

hlavná modlitebná sála / main prayer hall
hlavná modlitebná sála / main prayer hall
© Ján Krcho
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The project has been approved within framework of the program “SK 05 – Conversation and Revitalisation of Cultural and Natural Heritage” and is supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and co-financed by the State Budget of the Slovak Republic.

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Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway. Co-financed by the State Budget of the Slovak Republic.
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© Federation of Jewish Communities in Slovakia. All rights reserved. Eligible authors of displayed renderings are Dr. Ing. arch. Ján Krcho, PhD. & Ing. arch. Michal Mihaľák.