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House of Study

The House of Study (BeithHaMidrash) was a place of both learning and worship. Here Jewish boys and men studied and discussed the teachings of the Torah (Jewish law) and other religious texts. A sealed window in the interior side of the eastern wall is evidence of the location of the AronHaKodesh (the holyark, the place where the Torah scrolls were kept). Other structural elements of the BeitHaMidrash are typical of synagogue architecture, such as the traditional twelve windows representing the twelve tribes of Israel, and confirm the building’s use for worship. These include the bimah (the central raised platform from which the Torah was read during the prayer services) in the eastern part of the building. High up on the central wall was a grille, which hides the women’s gallery. In the western part of the building, the women’s gallery was accessed via a back staircase and was separated from the main prayer hall for men by a wooden grille. The rabbis of the Halberstam dynasty lived in an apartment at the back of the building. Today, only its balcony remains intact. The House of Study is a cultural monument listed under the number 1789/2 in the Central Register of the Cultural Monuments of the Slovak Republic.


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