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The old Synagogue visited an Israeli expert on restoration of World Cultural Heritage

In the Wednesday, November 18, 2015 he visited the Old Synagogue in Bardejov world famous architect and restoration expert on World Heritage Giora Solar from Israel. His visit took place because the invitation of the beneficiary of the Central Federation of Jewish Communities in Slovakia (ÚZŽNO) and the Bardejov Jewish Preservation Committee, who founded and leads native fom Bardejov Emil A. Fish.
Solar joined the project team members during regular control day aimed at progressively undertake professional work in exterior and interior of the synagogue. On the spot he expressed  to Tomáš Lupták (contractor, restoration expert), Ján Krcho (author`s supervision and guarantor of the project) and Peter Schwarz and Richard Duda (both are representatives of the CFJC ) a positive impression of the recovery of this precious monuments and provides them valuable advices, based on his long term experiences from Israel, the USA, China and other countries in the European or African continent. During the visit od Bardejov he has used a privilege of the honorary citizen and spoke at the special session of the City Council, during which the ceremony took place to mark the 15th anniversary of the inclusion onto the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage (Jewish suburbia forms its integral part). G. Solar positively assessed the present progress of the project to restore the Old Synagogue and to commented current intention to rebuild old heating plant adjacent to the Jewish suburbia that is located in the World Heritage Zone. He has offered his expertise in this matter including  the plan to create so-called Time Square in front of the most valuable piece of the Jewish Heritage.

Due to the position in the protection zone monument of world importance to its future use should be directed to highlighting the cultural and historic values ​​of our environment is binding on the present zone. Present elected representatives highlighted the need to sensitively consider the future use of the building and a priority to create a space for cultural and educational purposes. The main objective aim should be to create a unique city district that would serve the needs of the local community and the city would bring significant benefits in terms of increased cultural tourism.


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